Enriched Summer Camp

Parents are required to sign up for summer camp weeks desired and are responsible for payment for all weeks chosen on the enrollment form regardless of attendance. This is nice for many of our Florida families who vacation in the summer!

The Summer Camps will consist of two age groups. The Twos and young Threes will be in one camp group and the VPK graduates and fours will make up the second group. Each of the 10 weeks will have a different theme such as: Stars and Stripes, Favorite Author, Dinosaur Dig, Hawiian Hoopla, Camp LPS, Father’s Day Fun, Wet and Wild Week etc. The daily schedules will be similar to the school year program schedules.

Along with the fun each new theme week brings, our teachers continue to implement lessons and learning activities that will continue to build on the skills our teachers work on through out the school year. For this reason, Summer Camp is a great way to transition into the next classroom or to begin one of our programs for the first time.

We do not take our children off campus, so there is no worry about transporting children.

We do not have teenagers run our camps. Our classroom teachers do!!! This helps to keep things consistent for our children.

Summer Camp Enrollment Form Summer Camp Tuition