Welcome to the Little People’s School in Naples, Florida!

Little People’s School was founded over 40+ years ago by certified elementary teachers who were dedicated to the education and development of the whole child. The tradition carries on, as we at LPS believe that children learn best when physically and intellectually involved and invested in their learning environment. In our DCF licensed facility, our little learners enjoy a small child to teacher ratio which provides an optimal opportunity for learning basic concepts in math and literacy through age appropriate, integrated programs of art, science, literature, music, social studies, character development and of course, play! Through the games we play, the songs we sing, the books we read, the friendships we build and the projects we create, our children learn and grow in an exciting, encouraging and developmentally appropriate environment. (DCF License #C20CO7400 see our inspections at MyFlorida.com/childcare)

Our holiday/break schedule will closely coincide with that of the Collier County Public Schools. (See the LPS 2023-2024 Academic Calendar for details.)

Children must be a minimum of 24 months to be considered for enrollment in the Preschool Twos turning Three Program; 3 years by Sept. 1, 2023 to participate in the Preschool Threes Turning Four Program and must be 4 years by Sept. 1, 2023 to be considered for enrollment in the Pre-Kindergarten Class also known as the VPK Class.

We require a non-refundable $150.00 enrollment fee for all programs along with a Florida physical (within 1 year) and an up-to- date Florida immunization schedule. All enrollment requirements must be returned before your child’s start date for enrollment to be considered. There are additional requirements for VPK enrollment. (See Enrollment Checklist)

Preschool Fours/VPK
This highly rated VPK program is available to children who are 4 before September 1st. The Maximum classroom size: 16-18 children with 2 adults.
Preschool Threes
This program is available for children who are potty trained and 3 by September 1st. Maximum classroom size: 14 children with 2 adults.
Preschool Twos
This program is available for children who are 2 by August 15th and are working on potty training. Maximum class size: 10-12 children with 2 adults.

Enriched Summer Camp

LPS offers an enriched 8-week summer program for children ages 2-5 years old who are currently enrolled. Unlike the school year program where tuition is due regardless of attendance, parents may pick and choose from the six part and full-time schedules, while also choosing which of the 8 weeks they would like their child to attend.